Eagles Attack

Eagles AttackWhile in California I was extremely lucky to have gotten a chance to meet the amazing Nicky Moss! She was a super cool gal, and taught me the fine art of ‘parawaiting’. It was quite frustrating, because I wanted to get up in the air! Not sit on sand all day. We were losing hope on day two of more ‘parawaiting’ but the gods must have wanted me in the air because the wind started kicking the right direction and off we went!! I was flying tandem with a super cool dude and after a couple false starts and dirt eating we were in the air!

It was AWESOME! Although it was more chill than scary. It only got scary when I was up there long enough to start thinking about the logistics of things. There was literally just two hooks that kept me on the glider. So if those hooks unhinged.. bye, bye. While airborne Nicky started telling me about the attack she experienced in the air from a couple of eagles! It was absolutely INSANE! I don’t know how she kept her wits about her, to be able to get out of that situation. She’s like a real life action hero! Hats off to her!


Take a look at a quick comic strip I did of it to help us work out how the Monster Bird targeted it’s prey:
Comic 1Comic 2

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