End of my Adventure

So the adventures are over. For now? The traveling was brutal, I’ve never spent so much time on planes as I did over the past 8 months. At times I’d forget where I was going or where I was coming from. Exhaustion was a constant feeling I had every single day. But enthusiasm and love for adventure kept us going even with minimal to no sleep. The chemistry and fun we had as a crew also made things a lot easier specially when you start missing home. It was like a really long road trip with your buds!

The things I’ve seen and experienced during the course of this show was more than some experience in a lifetime. I feel extremely lucky to have had the chance to do the things I got to do. Every trip, I literally was checking off things that would be on a bucket list. Even did things that no sane person or insane person would have on their list! As an artist I’ve traveled around the world, but not like this! I mean, who draws in a damp dark cave in Germany? Who draws on a platform in Bimini, while sharks swam underneath? Drawn in the thick Vietnamese jungle? Insane! If one word were to describe this experience… I’d cheat and use two. FREAKING AWESOME!

Original Drawings Of The Beasts

Original Drawings Of The Beasts

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