Bird Monster

In the northwest corner of New Mexico stands a stunning mountain in the desert called Shiprock. This sacred Navajo landmark rises vertically 1,800 feet in the air and is said to be the perch of a fearsome creature with a blood lust. It’s described as a Bird Monster that swoops down from its heights and snatches up hapless men from the desert, slashes them to shreds with its vicious claws, and smashes their bodies to bits on the rocks below so it can feed its Bird Monster chicks. This beast is said to have the wingspan of a small airplane, bear the markings of a condor, and exhibit the predatory behaviour of an eagle. But exactly how does a Bird Monster this big actually take off, let alone fly? How are its wings formed in a way that, according to the legend, enables it to both glide and dive-bomb? And what is the biological precedent for a bird that smashes its prey to bits before devouring it?

The Beast Seekers begin their mission to build the Bird Monster in the air. Champion paraglider Nicky Moss takes them aloft using expert knowledge of the wind and, while in the air, tells the harrowing tale of how she was almost killed by a pair of eagles. Using the information from her first-hand experience of a vicious bird attack in mid-air, the Bird Monster begins to form.

Next, the team figures out how a bird as heavy as the Bird Monster could lift off and fly. The Beast Seekers gain unprecedented access to the exclusive Ventana Wilderness nature reserve in California. In the dark of night, the Beast Seekers drag a dead carcass through the trees in hopes of luring one of the largest flying birds in North America – the California Condor – into a cage. Only when they get their hands on the amazing bird do they begin to gain insight into how a bird as huge as the Monster Bird might glide, and how its blood red eyes are formed.

From the New Mexico desert to the Cliffs of Big Sur California, the team unlocks the mysteries of the Bird Monster’s beastly behavior: how it takes off from the cliff, how it spots and lifts its prey from the ground, and how it smashes bodies to bits on rocks.

The Beast Movie finale takes place in the desert. Our giant Bird Monster is unleashed and attacks a modern road warrior…swooping down from the sky and snatching the hapless motorcyclist from his bike, bringing the treat home to his roost atop Shiprock.