Fire Dragon

In Seventh Century Poland a terrible monster struck fear into the hearts of its citizens: a dragon that was said to leave death, destruction and charred earth in its wake. It had jaws that could crush a bison and swallow it whole, teeth that would never let go of its prey, scales that snapped the sharpest of swords, fire that scorched the earth, and wings that carried it with great speed. The name of this terrifying beast is The Dragon Smok. Many knights tried to kill the beast, many virgins were sacrificed, but all was in vain until a lowly cobbler named Krak devised a plan. He stuffed a sheep with sulpher and laid the bait at the entrance to the dragon’s cave. The Dragon Smok swallowed the sheep whole, after which the sulpher-laden meal expanded in the Dragon’s stomach and the monster perished. In tribute, the Polish city now bears the cobbler’s name: Krakow.

The Beast Seekers travel to Krakow, a city dripping with stories of the Fire Dragon. In fact, bones that are said to be the dragon’s are hanging from the cathedral walls in the heart of the city. The team scales the walls and for the first time in history analyzes the mysterious “dragon” bones that swing there.

The castle is not far from an 8,000 year-old forest which straddles the border between eastern Poland and Belarus. It’s the last significant stretch of a primeval forest that once covered lowland Europe. What still remains here is unknown.

The Beast Seekers venture into this mysterious forest to search for wild boar and bison, dangerous creatures that are potential prey for the dragon. Only after they’ve sized up the prey, can they begin to unravel how large and ferocious the Fire Dragon must have been. They also trek into the depths of a remote Polish cave in search of bats, which could provide the inspiration for the Fire Dragon’s wings.

Across the Atlantic Ocean, deep in the bayous outside of New Orleans, the team is hunting for alligators in the middle of the night. These ancient dragon-like beasts hold the key to building the jaws and digestive system of the Fire Dragon.

From primeval forests and bat caves in Poland to the swamps of New Orleans, a fire dragon is constructed. Every last detail is explored…how does a massive heavily scaled beast lift off the ground and fly? How does it swallow and digests its prey, char the earth and snap the sharpest swords with its scales?

In the end our fully realized Dragon comes to life in the Beast Movie. It emerges from the forest and flies toward Krakow. Determined to revenge itself on the shoemaker’s city, it arrives in the modern city full of fury. As the beast rampages through Krakow, it plucks people from the streets and leaves a fiery, charred path of destruction in its wake.