Mega Jaws

An all-seeing, all-knowing Shark God – a huge beast that can change shape at will. It is revered and feared by the people of Fiji. An incredible beast that most often takes the form of a shark…protecting and policing the waters of Fiji. Its name is Dakuwaqa. In its shark form, Dakuwaqa (pronounced Dakuwanga), is described as being more than just a shark. He is many times the size of a Great White Shark and has incredible speed and intelligence. He has super senses and the strength to crush a 100-foot fishing vessel with one bite.

The Beast Seekers head to Fiji on the trail of the mysterious beast. They gain access to the deepest inner circles of the Fijian shark clan by joining in an ancient drinking ritual. Only once they have been intoxicated from a mind-numbing local drink called Kava, are they given permission to dive with the local sharks. The team risks life and limb to go diving without cages to examine and hand feed the massive bull sharks that may have inspired the legend. What they discover 30 feet beneath the waters gives them the starting point for building a ferocious ‘shark god’ in CGI.

In North America, the team meets with the highly-regarded director of the Florida Program for Shark Research. George Burgess gives them backstage passes to the world’s only shark jaw constructed from the actual teeth of the largest shark ever discovered, the ancient Megalodon. This gives them the clues they need to be able to scale the creature up to a larger, even more fearsome, size.

To unravel the mystery of Dakuwaqa’s powers, the Beast Seekers travel to a highly exclusive shark research center in Bimini, Bahamas, where they perform, for the first time, experiments that make crystal clear the power of Dakuwaqa’s predatory senses.

In the final sequence, the massive Dakuwaqa attacks a large submarine that is threatening to destroy the waters off the coast of Fiji with missile testing.