The Kraken

A massive, multi-tentacled sea monster emerges from the black depths of the ocean, plucks men off of ship decks and effortlessly crushes ships hulls and drags the vessels to the bottom of the sea. This nameless creature was described in terrified whispers by sailors for centuries until 17th Century Scandinavia, when it was finally given a name: The Kraken.

It remained the stuff of nightmares and legend… until now. Our Beast Seekers travel to Brest, France, where a world-class sailing champion gives the bone-chilling account of an attack on his racing boat by a Kraken-like creature off the coast of the Canary Islands. Could the monster still be out there? And, if it did exist, what would it be like? How many tentacles would it have? How big would it really be and what kind of anatomical weaponry could it use to take down a ship?

The Beast Seekers look to the oceans for inspiration in building the most terrifying sea monster ever created in CGI. The hunt begins in the icy waters off the coast of Vancouver, BC, as the team tracks down an elusive Giant Pacific Octopus. Only after the beast has been dragged up on deck do they discover how a powerful multi-armed beast with thousands of suckers might actually be capable of taking down a ship.

In their quest for answers the Beast Seekers next travel across the globe to track down the weaponry for their Kraken. They team up with Steve O’Shea, a leading squid expert and get their hands on two of the rarest sea creatures in the world: the remains of Colossal and Giant squids. Gaining access to a highly-toxic autopsy room, and dangling from the rigging of a 100 foot mast on a tall ship, our Beast Seekers craft the chilling details of the monster: a two hundred-foot beast with razor-sharp rotating hooks, lighting-fast tentacles, serrated suckers, and a crushing beak.

Off the coast of the south island of New Zealand, in one of the deepest and most dangerous ocean trenches on earth, the Beast Seekers put the finishing touches on the monster, and a glorious photo real CGI Kraken is unleashed. In the Kaikoura trench the Kraken lies in wait, engages in an epic battle with a Sperm Whale, devours its prey and then turns its sights to the surface. Overhead, a hapless whale-watching boat hopes to spot the Sperm Whale that has disappeared into the depths…but meets an altogether different fate.