Wildman Of Vietnam

In the remote and unexplored forests of Vietnam, the team hears about the existence of a Wildman – a giant, hairy Beast that has echoes of North America’s Bigfoot or Sasquatch.  A highly-decorated American veteran of the Vietnam War claims to have seen the creature close at hand in 1968. The team retraces his steps and encounters a forgotten land where new and hidden species are only now being discovered, where ancient Orangutans once lived and where, even today, there are eyewitness accounts of Wildmen.

With exact co-ordinates from the war vet, The Beast Seekers venture into the jungle to try and find the exact spot he saw the creature in ’68.  They get their hands on one of the world’s only complete Ancient Orangutan fossils found in the jungles of Vietnam, and the shape of the beast starts to form.

When a mysterious footprint surfaces, the investigation leads the team to North America, where one of the world’s leading Bigfoot experts brings the team closer to the truth.  Finally, a two-day hike into unexplored jungle reveals the true nature of the beast: what it feeds on; how it hunts; and where it lives….

In its final sequence, the Vietnamese Wildman is seen stalking a monkey poacher through the Vietnamese jungle.  The poacher catches a Gibbon in his trap…The Wildman arrives on the scene…and the climax of the Beast Movie takes a grisly twist.