Winged Lion

In the harsh Altai (“Golden”) Mountains at the western edge of Mongolia, it was said that a legendary creature lived…one that protected its hoard of gold from grasping men: dropping out of the sky to rip interlopers and their horses to shreds. It was a gigantic, winged beast with the head of an eagle, razor-sharp talons and the body of a massive lion – a beast known as the Griffin. How terrifying would it be to encounter a creature that combined the eagle, the fearsome Ruler of the Skies, and the lion, the terrifying Lord of the Land? What would it look like and how would it behave? What kind of lion and what kind of eagle could combine to create the most vicious Griffin ever built…

Mongolia may be home to one of the earliest tellings of the legend, but no lions are to be found there today. The prehistoric record tells a different story. The Beast Seekers go spelunking in a dark and dangerous German cave to unearth the bones of an enormous, extinct lion—a third bigger than the largest living lions– that may have hunted and torn to shreds the very men who feared the Griffin. It was a lion that roamed a vast range across Europe and Asia, including Mongolia, terrorizing the nomads who lived there 10,000 years ago. What the Beast Seekers discover in the deepest reaches of the cave gives them inspiration for the body of the Griffin.

With the vicious CGI Griffin well on its way to being formed, the Beast Seekers ascend from subterreanean caves in Germany to a mountain range in Mongolia. In the snow-covered steppes of the Altai Mountains, they join with a mysterious band of nomad hunters to track down the perfect eagle for the head and front half of the beast. Enduring minus 30 degree temperatures on horseback, and sleeping in traditional tents made of felt, the Beast Seekers get up-close and personal with a vicious apex predator: the Golden Eagle.

From North America, to Europe and Asia…the Beast Seekers hone in on the perfect elements for creating a wicked, and biologically plausible, Griffin, figuring out what makes the most aerodynamic ears for flight, what is the exact wingspan needed to lift a horse as the Griffin reputedly did…and how exactly our Griffin would use its beak to tear apart the flesh of a man.

In a spectacular finale, the newly-created photo-realistic Griffin is unleashed in the Beast Movie: in its quest for gold the Griffin descends upon the modern Mongolian capital city of Ulaanbaatar, wreaking havoc and leaving terror in its wake.