New Mexico Monster Bird

Monster Bird

Monster Bird

New Mexico surprised me. I was prepared for the heat, the sun, and just the general dryness of the desert. I actually wasn’t looking forward to it. But I was surprised at how awesome it was! I absolutely LOVED it! Learning to ride a horse that day was a task and a half but once I got a handle on it, I just wanted to keep riding! The feeling I got riding full speed in the desert towards Ship Rock was unbelievable. I felt like freaking John Wayne!

Aside from the awesomeness of Ship Rock, talking to the native archaeologist made me realize how spiritual a place it was. To the Navaho people this wasn’t simply a rock, this place was sacred and a place to be at one with nature, and the spirits. Luckily no Monster Bird in site, because if there was we’d be dead meat. Sitting ducks. No place to hide in the barrenness of a desert. You’d have to have the skills that the Warrior Twins had along with their weapons to survive. I had neither. Good thing the skies were clear.

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