On the trail of the griffin

In Germany to find out the size of our Griffin. We looked at Cave Lions, as our start. We were quite privileged to get a chance to handle the bones of a Lion. I’ve looked at books before to learn the skeletal structure, and life drawing as well to aid in my studies to becoming a better artist. But I’ve NEVER laid out a set of bones on top of paper and drawn the “muscles” around them. Surreal. Not

Sketch of the Griffin

Sketch of the Griffin

many artists can say they’ve done that. At least no sane one can.

Going into the cave, was awesome. It was actually quite fun going through the small crevasses and rapelling, and every obstacle made it feel like I was in a real life videogame. What was even more unreal was imagining the battle that went on in there! The Lion vs. The Bear. That must have been a freaking bloodbath. Just think about it. If I stood in that very spot hundreds of years ago. I’d be dead within a few seconds. Scary stuff.

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