On to New Zealand

My impression of the Kraken

My impression of the Kraken

New Zealand was an absolutely blast! From seeing a Colossal Squid, to sailing on the Sorren Larson. But swimming with the seals really took the cake. See, I don’t know how to swim. So the fact that they got me in the water…good on them. But those wet suits are awesome!! You just float right up! Maybe I should take one to the pool with me next time.

Anyways down to business. Based on the legend, and the physical evidence that we’ve found here, the Kraken is easily the BIGGEST beast we’ve ever built. The size it had to be to take down a tall ship is just phenomenal! The weaponry, it had on its tentacles was just vicious. The testing we did with the weapons was brutal…imagine a tentacle with spikes coming at you that are sharp enough to chop your head right off! The only thing that would have made it better is armour!! However I do have to concede to science. When I was in the water trying to keep up with the seal, it made me realize, speed is key down there. If you compare the seal to a whale, and me to the Kraken… There was no way I could catch it.  Speed is high priority down there. That said I’m sure somewhere in the animal world we could have found a fast lightweight armour for our Beast. Right?

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