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Vietnamese Jungle Trek

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Full body Wildman Sketch

The jungle was absolutely insane! Trekking through it, I felt like I lost 20 pounds! It’s thick, and dense, and slippery as hell! Every branch in the way is just out to get you and prevent you from going to where you needed to be! I got scratches all over my arms from the spikes on the branches! Who’d have thought that the biggest thing I need to be wary of was the plant life. That said, it was absolutely amazing in there! I felt like I was in Jungle Book. Steve was right, knowledge truly is power in there. Because I had no idea what would be in there, all I could think of was what could be there.

Later at night when we settled for camp the medic was snoring like crazy!!! I tried putting my headphones on to sleep, but I wanted to hear the noises of the jungle. When will I ever sleep in a freaking jungle again!? That evening when I got up to do some “business” I thought I was tripping out, because a lot of the plants were glowing!! I kept rubbing my eyes, to double check. And yup… they were glowing. Steve told me next morning, that some plants are luminescent and emit light in the dark. How cool is that!!