The Polish Dragon

Dragon First Impressions

Dragon First Impressions

Poland was fantastic, I loved Krakow! I had no idea that the dragon was so infused in their culture. You could see it in a lot of the architecture especially at the Cathedral including bones hung on some big chains by the entrance. Legends say that if the bones were to fall, so would Poland. Looking at the bones though, I could see how the skull could be mistaken as a dragon skull. The shape of it was freaking perfect for a dragon. We’re on track to build this beast! However the weather had other plans.

We were in Poland as it was experiencing some extremely heavy rainfall. The water level in Krakow was freaky high, looking at the river was insane. The southern part of Poland was experiencing flooding, not too far from where we were. So as we continued on our investigation, a certain uneasiness filled our team. During a 10 hr drive from Bielystock to Krakow we drove right in the middle of a thunderstorm, and we even saw a farm on fire after being stuck by lightning! Oh did I mention that hail started to fall the size of golf balls? I was getting the feeling all signs were telling us to stop our trek.

Checking out the snakes in Krakow, was….freaky. The venom from the snakes was insanely lethal. If that didn’t kill you, the anti-venom had other plans for your body. Climbing up a lions cage…ok. Swim with the sharks with blood drenched feet. Sure. Handle a venomous snake. Hell no!!


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